Surveying underpins Craig & Rhodes' strong foundations by providing the base for all successful projects and development.
Craig & Rhodes utilise the latest robotic Surveying technology including 3D Laser Scanning and Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) surveys. The deliverables provide a great urban planning and community consultation tool that can be used by architects, developers, builders for planning and integration of new buildings, surrounding green space and facility management.

Our surveying capabilities include:

  • Identification Surveys and Reports: These reports are prepared for the sale or purchase of land to confirm location of land, ownership & any easements or restrictions on the Title.
  • Topographic Surveys or Detail Surveys: Survey to show levels of land, location of improvements, services and any adjoining developments to assist with development applications and redevelopment.
  • Engineering Surveys: Surveying services provided for the construction of multi storey buildings, road & drainage, water & sewer mains, electrical transmission lines, stockpile & volume and on site detention basins.
  • Lease Area (BOMA): Survey to determine the floor area of a tenancy or building for rent reviews and Lease Agreements.
  • GPS Surveys: The acquisition & use of survey data using GPS systems for topographic, construction set out & work as executed projects.
  • Special Surveys: Specialised surveys undertaken for the acquisition of data for the redevelopment of large retail shops and centres provided in a 3D format.
  • Hydrographic Surveys: We have specialised hydrographic vessel and sounding equipment that allows us to survey the bed of various waterways such as rivers, harbours, bays and docks.
  • Maritime Lease Surveys: Preparation of NSW Maritime Lease Plan surveys for existing & new jetties, sea walls & marinas.
  • ePlan Lodgement: Electronic plan lodgement & registration of plans of subdivision at the Land Titles Office.
  • GIS: Coordination and preparation of survey and site data for presentation in a range of CAD formats incorporating photography, 3D terrain data and cadastral information.

  • Residential Subdivision: Plans of Subdivision for new residential development from 2 to 1,000 lots.
  • Rural Subdivision: Preparation of Plans of Subdivision for rural subdivision (residential & agricultural projects).
  • Industrial Subdivision: Plans of Subdivision for new industrial developments
  • Community Titles Subdivision: Preparation of Community Plans of Subdivision for integrated housing and commercial projects.
  • Strata Subdivision: Preparation of Strata Plans of Subdivision for residential & commercial developments from single storey to multi storey projects.

Project Portfolio:

Stage 1 The Ponds

Client: Frasers Property

: All Surveys for 1,300 Lot Residential Subdivision.

3D Modelling of View Lines Using UAV Data

Client: Arris Prooperty Group

: 600 unit Residential Development.

Taragon Broadway

Client: Taragon Broadway

: 173 unit multi tower residential and commercial strata development.

Lowes Creek, Bringelly

Client: Macarthur Development

Description: Topographic Survey of 500 ha site at Lowes Creek, Bringelly for future 5,000 lot housing development.

Elara, Marsden Park

Client: Stockland

: Surveying services for 3000 lot development.

3D Scan Railway Tunnels