MetroWater Management

MetroWater Management is an accredited Sydney Water, Water Services Coordinator. MetroWater Management provides the NSW development and construction industry water management services that meet Sydney Waters’ sewer and water standards.
MetroWater Management is accredited by Sydney Water to act as Water Servicing Coordinators for the design, modification and connection to Sydney Water assets. MetroWater Management is experienced in the full range of residential, commercial & industrial development options from subdivision, strata & community titles and we can undertake & manage all aspects of Sydney Water requirements associated with these forms of development.

MetroWater capabilities include the following activities:

  • Section 73 Applications (Notice of Requirements)
  • Section 73 Application (Complying Application)
  • Building Plan Approval Application (BOA / BAA)
  • Sydney Water asset creation and hand over
  • Waste Water (sewer) reticulation main design
  • Waste Water (sewer) carrier main design
  • Potable & Recycled Water reticulation main design
  • Potable & Recycled Water carrier main design
  • Waste Water (sewer) Pumping Station design
  • Waste Water (sewer) pressure main design
  • Construction Supervision & Management
  • Service Protection Report (Sewer Peg out) for building plan approval
  • Development Servicing Plan (DSP) review
  • Work as Executed Surveys

Project Portfolio:

Fairwater - Sewer Carrier Diversion

Description: “Fairwater” is a 800 lot residential housing estate occupying the former 39ha Ashlar Golf Course.

Kurnell Greenhills

Description: “Greenhills Beach” is a 240 lot residential subdivision.

The Ponds Stage 4

Description: “The Ponds Stage 4” is a 740 lot residential subdivision.

Voyager Point

Description: “Voyager Point” is a 120 lot residential housing estate.

Visit the MetroWater Management website for Sydney Water Accredited sewer & water main design & water servicing coordinator advice.