"Alexwood" Residential Estate


“Alexwood” is a 190 lot residential housing estate at Alex Avenue, Schofields. The subdivision includes construction of new roads and the draining and filling of three dams. We achieved registration within a year of D.A. approval including the facilitation of neighbouring owners consent to achieve the optimum design outcome. Craig & Rhodes was chosen on its reputation to provide consultancy services as follows:
  • Project Land Surveyor
  • Project Manager for all Development matters
  • Road & Drainage Design
  • Bulk Earthworks Design
  • Tender Management
  • Development Application
  • Urban Town Planning
  • Services Coordination including NBN Co, Jemena and Endeavour Energy
  • Construction Superintendent under AS4000 for road & drainage, sewer & water, electricity, Telstra & gas
  • Co-ordination and liason with Landscape Architects
  • Management of Progress Claims, Variations and Extension of Time Claims
  • Work as Executed Survey of Road & Drainage constructions, Sewer and Water
  • Sydney Water - Water Service Coordination (WSC)
  • LandXML (LXML)


  • Project Management for all Development matters
  • Land Surveyors
  • Civil Engineers
  • Contract Superintendent
  • Sydney Water - Water Services Coordination (WSC)
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