Craig & Rhodes working with UAVs Released 17 March, 2016

Craig & Rhodes continues to have success with Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) to project manage large scale urban development sites.

Using UAVs Craig & Rhodes are able to collect survey data and capture high quality colour images of large sites in a matter of hours. The processed data is easy to access and analyse online within 24 hours. The data can be used for measurement and comparison and can be tailored to suit various applications such as work-as-executed surveys of roads and infrastructure, earthwork volume calculations, topographical mapping, remote inspection and monitoring.

Craig & Rhodes were engaged by Hai Sheng Group to Project Manage Gordondale, a 163 lot residential housing estate located at Schofields, in Sydney’s north west growth centre.

As Project Manager Craig & Rhodes managed the development application with Blacktown City Council including the approval of the plan of subdivision and subsequent works. The seven-hectare market garden site was made ready after demolishing existing dwellings and sheds, rehabilitation of four dams and bulk earthworks including the removal of 22,000 tonnes of soil prior to the construction of roads, stormwater, drainage and utility services.

The data collected by Craig & Rhodes using UAVs, was used to provide monthly updates to the lending facility institution as part of their process to make progress payments, and on behalf of the developer to contractors who provided services.

“Because of the expansive nature of the site we used UAVs to provide an overview of the site which enabled us to optimise the civil design, manage bulk earthworks and subsequently contributed to the project being completed on time and within budget,” according to Craig & Rhodes Project Manager Tai Nguyen.

The survey data collected using UAVs provided tremendous value for the client beyond traditional surveying services.

“The images and data provided by Craig & Rhodes allowed us to provide regular project updates to our off shore partners and importantly the project was completed on time,” according to Bob Gong Managing Director Hai Sheng Group

As the Project Manager, Craig & Rhodes were responsible for the Master Plan of the subdivision that included the provision of services including Land Surveying, Town Planning, Civil Engineering and Sewer and Water Design.

Footage of Gordondale Estate on completion of civil construction

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Craig & Rhodes is a multi-disciplined Surveying, Engineering, Planning and Project Management consultancy based in Epping, NSW. With over 90 year’s experience Craig & Rhodes has a proven record in providing professional services to the development industry and the capability to deliver a range of projects for residential, commercial & industrial developments.

Craig & Rhodes has integrated their knowledge with modern technology and multi-disciplinary experience as surveyors, engineers and planners to become a leader in major commercial and residential land development projects including Gordondale Estate, Thornton, North Penrith and The Ponds development in North West Sydney.


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