Board Appointment - Andrew Halmarick


Appointment to Government Board - Released: 17 October 2016

The NSW Board of Surveying and Spatial Information (BOSSI) has announced the appointment of Craig & Rhodes CEO Andrew Halmarick to their Board. With almost 30 years of industry experience as a registered land surveyor and project manager, Andrew’s appointment as the nominee of the NSW Association of Consulting Surveyors was effective from 8 June 2016.

“I am honoured to represent my peers on the Board,” Halmarick said. “I look forward to working with other BOSSI members to deliver a vision for surveying & spatial information in NSW that secures the profession in an ever changing professional & commercial environment”.

Andrew Halmarick first joined Craig & Rhodes in 1987 and was appointed CEO in 2015. He has previously served as a BOSSI member and currently sits on the Board of the Association of Consulting Surveyors NSW.

Craig & Rhodes is a multi-disciplined Surveying, Engineering, Planning and Project Management consultancy based in Epping, NSW. Craig & Rhodes has integrated their knowledge with modern technology and multi-disciplinary experience as surveyors, engineers and planners to become a leader in major commercial and residential land development projects in NSW.


For further information please contact:

Andrew Halmarick

Mobile: +61 408 466 751

Craig & Rhodes

Level 4, 16-18 Cambridge Street

Epping NSW 2121

O: +61 2 9869 1855

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