Craig & Rhodes has introduced high-speed 3D laser scanning technology into its operations. 3D laser scanning provides comprehensive and accurate measurements for complex environments. Using ultra fast scan speeds, it digitally records 900,000 points per second to capture the context of the site for architects, engineers, planners, builders and developers.

3D laser scanning provides unprecedented data quality for concept plans, Building Information Modelling (BIM) and detailed design. It generates 3D models and other deliverables such as detailed imagery and real fly-thru videos to plan and manage the design of new developments and refurbishment of existing ones.

3D laser scanning is a breakthrough innovation as it enables the scanning of difficult internal locations and inaccessible or unsafe sites. It can be used to deliver streetscapes, internal building fit-outs, heritage & dilapidation surveys, complex facades & elevation surveys, existing road & bridge surveys, as well as plan surrounding green space, facilities management and as a community consultation tool.

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